Dale L. Hulvey
Designated Broker / President
Barbara Lovett
Broker / Vice President
Maria Zarazua
Sales Associate-Se habla espanol

231 W. Giaconda Way S-133
Tucson, Arizona 85704-4341
520) 529-3400

Dear Potential Investor:

The majority of the properties managed here at Christopher Robert Corporation have been sold to the investors by myself, Dale L. Hulvey. My specialty is to work with the most loyal investors, those who purchase single family homes from me, hire us to manage those homes and in the end sell or exchange those homes using my services and expertise. Property Management is considered the arm pit of real estate for the simple reason that the majority of the time the manager works long and tedious hours for very little compensation. And then when it comes time to sell the property owner gives the selling reward to a different Realtor with no acknowledgement of the work the manager has accomplish on behalf of the property owner. Let me state for the record that I do not desire to manage anyone's property who does not intend to be loyal to me as their Realtor for as long as I am in the Real Estate business!

Now, let's talk about selling you an investment property and creating a long term relationship. This process begins by discussing what kind of single family properties you desire to purchase and where you would like your properties to be located. I will sell you one or multiple properties and manage them for you anywhere in Tucson. However, the closer the properties are to my office in the Northwest the easier it is to manage the property for you. Property that is lets say in Rancho Sahuarita or maybe Vail will command a slightly higher management fee because of the difficulty and expense we will have properly managing the property for you.

Next, I will prepare a Buyer Broker retainer agreement between us where you agree to hire me to represent you during your investment purchase. Retainer fees which are part of the commission earned by me as your Broker will be charged at the time you sign your agreement. To read over a retainer agreement just request a copy sent to you and I will make it happen.

Then, we locate your investment. Negotiation of your investment does not only consist of the purchase price, but who pays closing costs, condition of property at closing, if property can be shown and leased during escrow period (saving you vacancy dollars) and many more important items that only a property manager knows best. If your agent does not manage property how can they advise you on what is best with tenants and investment property. I serve as the Designated Broker as I have since October 1984 specializing in all residential aspects of real estate including investors and 1031 tax deferred exchanges.

Now, let us go back to the beginning and send me an email at Dale@ChrisRobertCorp.com or call 520) 529-3400.

Sincerely, Dale L. Hulvey, President/Broker